About Us

Our Philosophy

At B/SPOKE, we believe fitness should be fun, inspiring, and rewarding.  It should complement all the rest of life’s hustles. For many of us, it’s a form of therapy – a way to forget yesterday, take back today, or change tomorrow. Our approach is holistic, both on and off the bike, helping our community find a sustainable path to better health and personal growth. 

How We Do It

Our mission is to inspire health and happiness by bringing fitness, wellness, music and art together in creative ways and inclusive spaces that leverage the power of movement and community. At each of our studios, we bring this mission to life through classes, 1:1 coaching, community events, and most of all through the individuals that come to sweat and connect.

Class Descriptions

  • RIDE

    Our signature RIDE 45 is a full-body workout featuring cardio intervals, choreography, and hand weights that strategically focus on endurance and strength, all set to the beat of the music. You will feel yourself building physical and mental strength as you push through each sprint and hill. Suited for all levels.


    30 minutes of our signature RIDE followed by 30 minutes of our signature STRENGTH class. Truly the best of both worlds! Enjoy an inspiring and motivating cardio workout combined with powerful strength and conditioning — guaranteed to be the full body workout that we all need in our lives! Challenging. Music-driven. Action-Packed. And always FUN.


    30 minutes of our signature RIDE followed by 30 minutes of our signature YOGA class. Truly the best of both worlds! Enjoy an inspiring and motivating cardio workout, followed by an energizing and grounding vinyasa-based flow — guaranteed to be the full body workout that we all need in our lives! Start on the bike and finish on the mat.

    All studios: YOGA room heated with infrared heat.


    RIDE: RESISTANCE is a strength building RIDE for all levels rooted in the beat of the music with core-focused choreography and more focus on resistance work compared to our traditional RIDE. Simple choreography with resistance progressions build the foundation of this RIDE. The aim is to focus on higher resistance within a full range of speeds to create foundational support. One of the main differentiators of this RIDE is the use of a resistance band at key times throughout the class. You will leave this class feeling empowered, strong, and fatigued.


    RIDE: INTERVALS is a high-intensity RIDE for all levels set to the beat of the music with more push pace work than our traditional RIDE – think HIIT on the bike. A key differentiator for this ride is providing clear, timed intervals more frequently. All non-beat based work in the form of interval pushes and interval training is to build cardiovascular endurance and will return to the beat of the music. INTERVALS can come in the form of pace pushes (past the beat), resistance increase pushes (on or off the beat), speed work, long string choreography or combos, and timed isolations. You will leave this class feeling powerful, breathless, and like a badass.


    Community Classes debut our "instructors-in-training" who are currently a part of the B/SPOKE Instructor Training Program. After putting in months of practice and hard work, trainees teach a "Community Class" before they are officially an instructor and on our regular schedule. These classes are offered at a discounted rate and can be booked using a special "Community Class Credit."


    Our clients take on incredible goals outside the studio including fundraising efforts for charitable causes that are close to heart! Interested in hosting your very own Charity Class at B/SPOKE? Please email to learn more about logistics, pricing, availability. We recommend planning Charity Classes at least six weeks in advance.


    Classes for a CAUSE - oftentimes inspired by our team and community and always in line with B/SPOKE’s core values and mission. FOR IMPACT classes raise funds towards organizations, foundations + nonprofits that we admire and respect, and that affect our lives in different ways. 100% profits from these classes (including every class credit) will be donated directly to the cause. You make a difference by show up!

  • RIDE 60

    Sometimes 45 minutes just isn't enough. When you need the extra push, RIDE 60 leaves you feeling fit and totally worked in the best way. Get ready to test your limits. We'll provide the extra towels.


    Nostalgia is one of the most powerful emotions we can experience. Take a walk down memory lane as we curate special playlists using nothing after 2007.