Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your booking window?

    Our booking window goes live on Sundays at 5pm ET for the following 14 Days. The online schedule will always reflect the most up to date information regarding instructor substitutions and cancellations.

  • What is the current mask policy?

    At this time, masks are NOT required at any of our studio locations. That said, masks are welcome at any time for those who wish to wear them.

  • How do I take class with other people?

    Booking With Friends
    Riding with friends enhances the studio experience. Friends still need to register individually online and book their own bike.

    Booking For Clients
    Booking multiple bikes in a class is very easy. If you wish to book a bike for you and client(s), you can do so directly via the website with select credits.


  • Arrival Time / Check-In

    NEW CLIENT ARRIVAL POLICY: New Clients to B/SPOKE are required to arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes prior to the start of class. During this 10 minutes, Clients will check-in, receive a brief tour of the studio, learn more about class protocol and receive support with bike set-up in R/DE classes. This NEW Client Policy will be strongly enforced to ensure a safe, seamless and stress-free experience. Please know that NEW Clients may not be permitted into class if they arrive within 10 minutes of the class start time. NEW Clients will NOT be permitted into class once the class has started. In these situations, we will always bump the credit BACK to a New Client’s account to be used at a future class.

    RETURNING CLIENT ARRIVAL POLICY: We ask that Returning Clients arrive and check in AT LEAST 3 minutes prior to the start of class. At the exact start time of class, your bike or mat may be released to someone on the waitlist or a walk-in if you have not arrived, and if you have not emailed/called to give a heads up about being tardy.

    LATE ENTRY POLICY: While we highly encourage NO “late entries” into class or “early exits” from class during stretch, we do have a UP TO 5 MIN LATE ENTRY POLICY for Returning Clients if this late entry is absolutely needed (if the spot is still available and/or if the Client has emailed/called to give a heads up about being tardy). Unfortunately, we are NOT ABLE to allow late entry into class beyond 5 MIN for SAFETY reasons including the Client missing the warmup of the class. Late Entries also disrupt the integrity + vibe of the class, and create distraction for the Instructor and fellow Clients alike. In these situations, we will always bump the credit BACK to a Client’s account to be used at a future class.

  • How do I book my first class?

    Please follow these 3 easy steps:
    1. REGISTER for an online account
    3. BOOK a bike or mat in any class on our schedule

  • Which classes utilize Silent Disco?

    WELLESLEY, FEDERAL STREET + INDOOR CAPE HOUSE: We will be utilizing our full audio system that clients know and love! #INMUSICWETRUST

    WAREHOUSE + CAPE HOUSE BIG TOP: We’re keeping SILENT DISCO for ALL classes at WAREHOUSE and BIG TOP, including R/DE, TRAIN X, YOGA + more! Please BRING YOUR OWN SET OF WIRED HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS (NO bluetooth or AirPods!), which will be compatible with a receive that B/SPOKE provides. WIRED headphones and earbuds must be 3.5mm (AUX) compatible.

    OUTDOOR DEWEY SQ GREENWAY + 100 HIGH ST ROOFTOP: We will be using live speakers outdoors and not utilizing Silent Disco.

  • Where do I check in?

    CAPE HOUSE INDOORS: 1 Market Street, Mashpee Commons / Our Front Entrance is near L.L. Bean.

    CAPE HOUSE BIG TOP TENT: Located on Benefit Street, BEHIND The Bandstand Area, across from the Mashpee Public Library. Look for a BIG TOP TENT – you can’t miss it! Can also be accessed via Steeple Street. 

    WAREHOUSE: 12 Baxter Street Parking, South Boston / Located in the parking lot area across from WAREHOUSE 1.0.

    WELLESLEY: 50 Central Street / Our Front Entrance is next door to Paper Source.

    FEDERAL STREET: 101 Federal Street / Financial District.

  • Will I be able to do this?

    Our programs are designed for individuals of all ages, from beginners to experienced athletes. Some of our classes are more challenging than others, but we offer a non-judgmental and non-intimidating environment to sweat in. If you have any injuries or physical concerns, please inform your instructor before class so they can give you advice on how to modify any portion of the workout, if necessary. In the end, it’s YOUR class, and we want you to enjoy the experience!

  • Do you offer spin Shoes?

    Yes! For the safest and most effective B/SPOKE R/DE, we require riders to wear “clip-in” shoes with SPD cleats. You can PRE-order your shoe rental through the B/SPOKE app by adding an “add-on” to your reservation OR you can stop at the Front Desk to rent a pair ($5). You are also more than welcome to bring your own spin shoes with SPD cleats!

    Clipping in results in a more efficient transfer of power with each pedal stroke. It also allows riders to safely spend more time out of the saddle targeting the core and other key muscle groups.



  • What is The Lab?

    The Lab is a separate room in our Wellesley + Cape House Studios equipped with special lighting, amazing sound, form-watching mirrors, weights, and mats for a variety of class formats that we are currently developing. We currently offer TRAIN X, CIRCUIT + STRETCH in The Lab. We look forward to introducing new programs in the future!


  • What is your cancellation policy?

    You can cancel a class online or by calling the studio without penalty up to 12 hours before the start of class. Cancelling a reservation within the 12 hours prior to class will result in a loss of credit.

  • What happens if I miss a class?

    If you do not attend a class that you have booked (+ do not cancel up to 12 hours before the start of class), this class credit will be lost! Please email to discuss any unusual circumstances, including illness + emergencies. We are more than happy to discuss with you further and see if we are able to support + accommodate.

  • How does the waitlist work?

    If a class is full, you can join the waitlist. Joining the waitlist is like signing up for class. One credit in your account is needed. As bikes or mats become available, they will be automatically allocated to the waitlist on a first come, first served basis. If you are allocated a bike or mat through the waitlist you will be notified by email. Please make sure you cancel your place if you no longer wish to be on the waitlist for a class. You can do this at any point online (without penalty) unless you have already been added to the class from the waitlist.

    Once you are assigned a bike or mat up til 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF CLASS, the normal cancellation policy is in effect. In the 15 minute window prior to the class start time, front desk will only add you to the class if they reach you via phone or if you are in studio in person. If no bikes or mats become available by the start of the class, the credit will be returned to your account.

  • Do you have any general tips?

    1. Drink lots of water before, during, and after your class. Staying hydrated is a BIG part of staying healthy.
    2. Eat a small snack 45 minutes before class, including morning classes! Exercising on a very full or empty stomach is not recommended.
    3. Wear comfortable clothes designed for exercise (NOT street clothes!). We sell workout gear (including socks!) if you happen to forget your own.
    4. Check that your handle bar + seat settings are tightly in place and that your shoes are securely clipped into the pedals.
    5. Please notify instructors before class if you have any injuries so that they can help accommodate + offer modifications.

  • Do you provide towels?

    Yes! We offer complimentary towel service for indoor classes, including sweat towels for class + large towels for showers.

  • Do you sell water?

    No matter how much water you drink beforehand, you’re going to need more during class! At B/SPOKE, we strive to be as ecologically conscious as possible and encourage you to bring your own reusable bottle. We currently sell B/SPOKE reusable water bottles in studio ($8-$12) that can be filled up at our in-studio water stations. We NO longer sell single-use water bottles in an effort to #SLASHOUTWASTE – please plan accordingly!


  • Do you have showers?

    Showers are currently open at our Federal Street, Cape House + Wellesley locations.

  • Do you offer mats?

    At our Wellesley + Cape House studios, mats are provided at your reserved spot. You are more than welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

  • What should I bring to TRAIN X + CIRCUIT?

    A pair of sneakers suitable for working out, and a water bottle! We will provide you with a sweat towel, dumbbells, resistance band, and a mat. Instructors will provide guidance on what dumbbells to get at the appropriate time of class.


  • What is common etiquette that is useful to know?

    1. Please do NOT bring cell phones into class! Please turn off notifications + lights on your apple watch, too!
    2. Please tell the instructor ahead of time if you MUST leave class early for any reason.
    3. Please stay for the duration of the stretch + cool-down.
    4. Please wear clean + fresh clothes!
    5. Please shower quickly when possible!


  • Is there parking for the Wellesley Studio?

    There is plenty of parking available in metered spaces directly outside the studio and nearby lots (e.g. Waban Street parking lot). We recommend downloading the ParkBoston app for convenience. Parking is FREE on Sundays.

    Please note that there are two entrances to the studio. The front entrance is located on Central Street, and the back entrance is located off Church Street.

  • How do I update my credit card on file?

    Log-in to your account
    Click “My Profile” (left hand side)
    Click “Payment Details”

  • What happens if I have an auto-renewal package and don't have a credit card on file?

    All auto-renewal packages (4, 8 and 12 class Monthly Reoccurring Packages) migrated to the new system. If there is no valid credit card on file the day that your package is set to “renew”, the billing for the auto-renewal will fail and therefore the package will not “re-up”. If you are interested in keeping the auto-renewal package active, please update your credit card information. Once updated, the system will automatically process the billing information + your credits will resume.

  • Do you have special discounts for Students, Teachers, Medical Professionals, Military/Veteran or Fitness Professionals?

    Yes! If you are interested in validating your account as a student, teacher, medical professional, military/veteran, or fitness professional, and unlocking these special discounts, please send a copy of your current ID, schedule or transcript to our team at

  • How do I download the mobile app?

    Please download our brand new app (B/SPOKE 2) by clicking HERE. The mobile app is available on all iOS devices. It is not available on Android devices at this time.

  • What information + features are available on the app?

    MY CLASSES: Shows upcoming classes, total number of classes completed at B/SPOKE + total number of credits remaining
    RESERVE: Allows you to book classes in current booking window + to view classes a couple weeks in the future for planning purposes. Toggle between studios by clicking WELLESLEY or DOWNTOWN BOSTON in the upper left hand side of the screen. Filter schedule by Instructor + Class Type (e.g. THROWBACK R/DE, R/DE 60). Add the class to your Outlook calendar for reminders if you would like!
    BUY: Buy credits directly on the app!
    ACCOUNT: Add a credit card, redeem a gift card, change password, view purchase history, view class history, subscribe to newsletters, update personal information

    Please know that you will stay LOGGED IN on the app til you update or use your credit card on file! (for safety & security reasons).

  • How do Gift Cards work?

    We sell gift cards ONLINE and IN STUDIO:

    ONLINE: Click GIFT CARDS in the footer of the website to see the different options that work at all studios. All Gift Cards will automatically be emailed to the email address of your choosing upon purchase. If it’s a surprise for another person, we recommend emailing it to yourself!

    IN STUDIO: Purchase physical gift cards in studio by asking one of our Front Desk Team members!

    Our gift cards are CASH value that the recipient can put towards any credit or merchandise purchase.

  • What do I do with my leftover/unused credits?

    If you’d like to convert your leftover/unused credits to store credit at any time, please email HELLO.

    STORE CREDIT does not expire and can be used to purchase future credit packages, transferred to be used towards our online store The SHOP, or converted to an On Demand Monthly Subscription.

  • Can I book multiple spots in a class with my package?

    It completely depends on the package! If you have a Regular Class Pack, yes! If you have a Student/Teacher Package or Auto-Renewal Package, no! Student/Teacher Packages + Auto-Renewal Packages are non-transferrable and only intended for the person who purchased it (+ in the case of StudentsTeachers, validated their ID for it!). That said, the system doesn’t allow you to book or hold TWO spots in one class with these packages (even if you have sufficient credits).

  • How do I add a credit card to my account?

    Open up the app

    Click on “ACCOUNT” in main Navigation Bar

    Click “Billing Information”

    Click “Add a Credit Card”

  • What is TRAIN X?

    TRAIN X is the first evolution of our signature TRAIN program. Half ON-THE-BEAT and half OFF THE BEAT, the new class blends all our favorite elements of TRAIN along with an exciting new Total Body HIIT section that will allow us to perform a greater variety of complex movements, incorporate new exercise equipment and utilize heavier weight, all in a very safe manner. We think TRAIN X is suitable for all fitness levels because with half the class OFF THE BEAT, clients are able to perform exercises at their own pace with an added emphasis on form and posture.

  • How long are STRENGTH classes in studio?

    All TRAIN X + CIRCUIT classes in studio are 45-minutes long, which includes a dynamic warm-up, extended cool down and stretch.

  • What is your age requirement?

    Participants must be aged 13 years or over to attend any of our classes or to use any of our facilities. B/SPOKE does not accept the online registration of minors, and ask that individuals under the age of 13 do not attempt to register on the website as their admittance into class will not be permitted.

  • What are you doing to keep the space safe + clean?

    We are sanitizing equipment in between EACH class using EPA registered products according to CDC guidelines.

    We are installing TOUCHLESS SANITIZER STATIONS throughout the studio and are encouraging Clients to utilize before and after class.

    We have installed NANOSEPTIC self-cleaning adhesive material on ALL commonly used surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria.

    We have upgraded our HVAC system with filters that have a MERV-13 rating consistent with those found in Hospitals.  We have also installed new air purifications systems inside the ventilation / ductwork that utilizes UV light and bi-polar ionization. 


    A Silent Disco is typically an event / gathering / class where music is streamed and listened to via headphones rather than loud speakers. In our case, both music and microphone will be broadcast via a transmitter directly to HEADPHONES worn by the participants! To the participant – AN INCREDIBLE AND PERSONALIZED AUDIO EXPERIENCE. To the outside looker – A BUNCH OF PEOPLE MOVING AND GROOVING IN “SILENCE”.

  • What are the benefits of SILENT DISCO OUTDOOR R/DES?

    FLEXIBILITY IN CLASS TIMES: Since we won’t be up against noise concerns, we can now start our R/DE classes EARLIER (something many of you have asked for!) and also BEAT THE HEAT. We can also host classes in the evening.

    VOLUME CONTROL: Each rider will be able to control the volume (UP or DOWN) of the class through the use of a small dial located on their own personal receiver! This will essentially give you the ability to experience class at the exact volume level of YOUR choosing and make adjustments throughout.

    AUDIO EXPERIENCE: You’ll hear the music and the instructor “in your own bubble/sphere” since the audio will come through your own personal headphones. While we love a good loud speaker, we also love the crisp, clean sound quality that comes with the Silent Disco…especially on windier days when a loud speaker is subject to Mother Nature’s influence! 

    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: We pride ourselves on being able to “roll with the punches” and to constantly innovate / pivot. We are excited to present an exciting, fun and MEMORABLE audio experience that allows us to continue hosting classes outdoors and connecting with one another through the power of music, movement and community. The ultimate WIN in our book!

  • How does the SILENT DISCO OUTDOOR R/DE work?

    Every Rider will have their own belt-clip receiver (provided by B/SPOKE at check-in, FREE OF CHARGE). This receiver ONLY WORKS with WIRED HEADPHONES (READ: NO bluetooth or AirPods. Sorry!). WIRED Headphones or Earbuds must be 3.5mm (AUX) compatible.  WIRED Apple Airpods with a lightning connection will NOT work. These receivers will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use. 

  • What happens if I forget my own set of wired headphones or earbuds?

    We will have a rental headset option available ($1) if you would like to rent a pair. Please note we will have LIMITED rental pairs available and do encourage everyone to bring their own set of wired headphones or earbuds.

    Please know that we are NOT accepting cash but CAN charge a credit card on your B/SPOKE account.


  • Is there a bathroom available for use on-site at WAREHOUSE?

    We have (2) “private” porta potties available for B/SPOKE clients + staff only. These are professionally cleaned twice per week, and there is hand sanitizer available for use inside both porta potties. 

  • What is CIRCUIT?

    CIRCUIT is designed for people seeking a more advanced workout experience without having to worry about moving to the beat of the music. CIRCUIT focuses on full-body movements designed to increase power and strength. Clients can expect to lift heavier, rest less, and keep their heart rate elevated, but are still able to move at their own pace and get a fun and effective workout set to high energy music.