Health + Safety

We are committed to maintaining the best and SAFEST possible environment at all of our studios, as we take the health + safety of our community incredibly seriously. Please know that we are always leading from a place of caution, empathy, logic and safety.


At this time, masks are NOT required at any of our studio locations. That said, masks are welcome at any time for those who wish to wear them.


To allow for greater spacing between bikes, we have reduced the maximum capacity of indoor R/DE classes by an average of 40%.


In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are sanitizing equipment and high-traffic touchpoints in between EACH class using EPA registered products. We are also encouraging clients to utilize our hand sanitizer stations before and after all classes.


We upgraded our HVAC systems with filters that have a MERV-13 rating and are consistent with those found in hospitals. We have also installed new air purifications systems inside the ventilation / ductwork that utilize UV light and bi-polar ionization to help neutralize viruses, mold and microbes.