FROM: North Attleboro, MA

LIVES: Norfolk, MA


CITY, COUNTRY, COAST: Coast – preferably on the Cape! The ocean is my happy place and brings me back to my soul. 

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Capricorn sun, Leo moon, Capricorn rising 

FAV PART OF INSTRUCTING: Watching someone rediscover a part of themself. Oftentimes these missing pieces are self-love, self-compassion, and feelings of self-worth. I hope to provide a space where you can realize your potential and let go of what’s holding them back.

YOUR MUSIC STYLE: Fluid! One day we’re listening to Britney and Beyonce and the next day we’re grinding it out to beats so dark and heavy you feel it in your chest. One thing however always remains the same – I LIVE for a “gives you chills” beat drop. 

BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Healing my relationship with exercise, food, and my body so it could do incredible things in this world — like teaching fitness classes, running marathons, launching a business, giving birth to my beautiful daughter, showing up for my family, and making a difference in my community. Recovery isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. I believe it’s the greatest act of love you could give yourself. 

Ashley moved to Boston directly after graduating university with a degree in Communications + Broadcast Journalism. Her lifelong love for fitness eventually led her to quit her corporate job and pursue a career in fitness. Ashley’s love for instructing stems from her deep desire to help others realize their mental and physical strength. Whether she is on the bike, on the mat, or coaching clients 1:1, Ash brings 100% of her love and energy to the room – and hopes some of that love can inspire you to love yourself too.